Our partners can be: aggregators, content providers or physical persons with a proven strong relationship with mobile operators’ VAS decision-makers. Together we have the possibility to offer MNO a range of innovative, useful and profitable VAS products.

The main role of our Partner is to help us to start collaboration with Mobile Operators and enforce sales of our products.

Partners’ role

  1. Partners use their connections in Mobile Operator in order to effectively sell the Unifun’s products
  2. Unifun provides a partner with all necessary e-mail templates, presentations and products documentation
  3. Partners perform a high quality follow-up of the communication with Mobile Operator’s representatives
  4. Unifun is responsible for operational questions, HW, SW, integration and customization for the network of mobile operator

Business model

  1. The Revenue from each project launched in commercial exploitation is shared between Unifun and Partner
  2. Unifun provides its Partner with a comprehensive marketing, product management and technical support
  3. Unifun makes all necessary investments in the projects deployment and commercial launch
  4. The Partner is entitled to promote Unifun’s services only to the MNO that is agreed with Unifun

The partnership collaboration is 100% transparent and confirmed by official agreements.

Our Values


Innovations &

Profitability &

Result oriented


For more than 10 years Unifun is a reliable VAS partner for 160+ Mobile Operators in 75+ Countries from EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa), LATAM (Latin America) and APAC (Asia and Pacific region) countries. Our VAS solutions make a significant positive impact on MNO’s revenues in the shortest time.

Today Unifun product portfolio includes 90 VAS services based on IVR, USSD, SMS, and other technologies.

The primary areas of our expertise are:

  1. Сall completion services − Beep Call, Voice Mail, MCA, NAM, Advance Airtime Credit.
  2. Marketing communications tools − Balance+, Wrong IVR, IVR Broadcaster, VASUP, etc.
  3. Branded content services − FunBox, IVR Radio, USSD Dating, IVR Quiz Melomania, etc.
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