Operator Name: Moldcell
Country: Republic of Moldova
Subscribers database: 1.0 million
Visit Website: www.moldcell.md
Moldcell has started operating in Moldova since April 2000 thus launching a new phase in the development of the Moldova mobile communications sector. The Moldcell shareholders are: MolFintur SRL with 1% of the stocks and Fintur Holdings BV, owning 99% of its stocks. By means of Moldcell, Fintur marks one of its successful accomplishments on the East European market.

Moldcell is a dynamic GSM operator that aims to meet its customers’ needs through high quality services and products in Moldova. Its high-tech infrastructure and equipment, high-skilled human resources as well as shareholders’ experience and support make it possible for Moldcell to provide the best and most suitable services to every market segment.

As of May 1, 2011, Moldcell network is available to 97.35% of population on 96.81% of the territory of Moldova. Moldcell was the first operator in the Republic of Moldova that started providing such services as SMS, Roaming for prepaid packages and per-second charging, WAP/Internet Access, GPRS, EDGE and 3G, which was an innovative approach in the GSM field. Moldcell offers products and services to its customers through a developed sales network on the entire territory of the country.