We are proud to be a young team of professionals that love their job and become better day by day.

We are 100% sure of the quality of the services provided by each team member.


Kazim Erarslan
E:   k.erarslan@unifun.com
S:   kazim2005

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George Karagheaur
Chief Executive Officer
E:   g.karagheaur@unifun.com
S:   george.karagheaur

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Serghei Pelin
Chief Information Officer
E:   s.pelin@unifun.com
S:   serghei-pelin

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Our staff comprises more then 150 qualified professionals with diverse backgrounds in the areas of Telecommunications, IT, Marketing and Management. We have a broad experience acquired through working on some of the largest, most useful and profitable projects in our field.

Even our youngest team members have cut their teeth in a variety of business settings. Each person here comes with a depth of experience, education and curiosity about solving complex challenges. Only after someone has proven their ability to make positive change, as a project team member in a client setting, they earn the full status of Unifun team member.

In Unifun we have strong connection between all company offices all over the world, so our clients are ensured that we truly work as one team across the organisation.

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