Operator Name: life:)
Country: Ukraine
Subscribers database: 12.5 million
Visit Website: www.life.com.ua
life:) is a GSM operator represented in Ukraine since January 2005 by the Astelit company. New vision, new opportunities and technologies, qualitative mobile communications services aimed at individual needs of each subscriber — this is what life:) offers today! life:) sees its goal in being the only source of communication to enrich lives. It sees the future of communication in full simultaneous development of mobile, fixed, infotainment and large variety of value added services.

This stand gives life:) the inspiration to create new means for sharing experiences, thereby connecting people in simple and meaningful ways. Empowered to change things for the better for citizens and businesses, life:) aims to enrich lives through the services provided and through an impact it has upon community around.

life:) sees its mission in adding value to the lives of its customers and building long-term partnership by making communication easier due to the high-quality and simple services. The life:) mobile services operator serves 12.5 million subscribers (as of June 2014). life:) network covers a territory where 98% of the Ukrainian population live.