Operator Name: life:)
Country: Belarus
Subscribers database: 1.3 million
Visit Website: www.life.com.by
life:) Belarus is a young, dynamic, optimistic brand that strives to lead the market by offering high-tech and convenient communication solutions for market leadership in order to make users’ lives richer and easier, and give a new meaning to the human communication. Being a dynamic and upbeat brand, life:) creates a special way of communication with its audience, ensuring variety and delight of the opportunity to be closer to each other.

For the life:) mobile operator, these guidelines have been an undeniable value and a guide to action since 2008, when life:) entered the Belarusian market as a part of the Turkcell Group – one of the major players on the European mobile market. By the number of subscribers of its affiliated group of companies, Turkcell is the third largest in Europe mobile operator in the GSM standard connection. The Turkcell Group successfully operate in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Ukraine and Northern Cyprus.